Este é o meu repolho (This is my cabbage)

Something you will learn from this blog – I love Mediterranean food. I think it’s my poor pale Welsh spirit rebelling against lifetimes of lava cake and rarebit.

On Saturday I felt the calling once again, this time for some lunch of the Portuguese persuasion.  I am a firm believer in listening to one’s cravings. My body knows much better than me what it needs and what it needed was clams and trinchado.

However not all Portuguese restaurants are created equal.  I frequent various restaurants that cater to very specific cravings.  One has delicious pregos, another awesome prawns, and Mongo’s has the best clams, trinchado and a simply delicious tomato, chilli and onion mixture (that I cannot replicate) to go with your bread.

So the Photog and I troddled off to Edenvale, somehow the east almost always comes out on tops for Mediterranean food. Mongo’s is in a business district amongst warehouses just off North Reef road. Sounds a bit strange but it’s not I promise!

Once again Mongo’s lived up to it’s excellent standards.  The clams are a must-try, the Photog expressed his dislike at food that takes so much effort to eat but those tasty little buggers are worth it. I chowed down on my all time favourite – trinchado – and the Photog again expressed his amusement at the fact that I always eat the same thing.  But I say if it ain’t broke and is delicious why change it?

The highlight of the meal would have to be however the nervous punters who came up to our table during our meal and expressed their consternation that I was wearing the exact colours of a certain horse racing that day in the Durban July. We had a little giggle over it, enjoyed the rest of our meal and when we left wished the poor nervous souls good luck.

My horse didn’t win.


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