Finding Enlightenment Through Candyfloss

Ever since my trip to Thailand a few years back I have been slightly obssessed with all things from the East.  So when I heard that a new bar/restaurant Buddha Ta had opened in Design Quarter I was there like a bear.  But sadly I was a bit of a delayed bear.  Distracted by –  honey  – I think.

Anyway I finally managed to drag the Photog and some friends out this Saturday for a night of cocktails, tapas (which does not seem very Asian but is yummy) and laughs.

Courtesy of the Buddha Ta website

It was not quite what I expected. I imagined more of a restaurant vibe when instead Buddha Ta has more of a bar/club vibe, think Mahhattan Club if it had a menu and a giant Buddha on the wall.  One friend remarked it was loud, and another how busy it was and I felt like I’d dragged a bunch of pensioners out by their walkers.  But once we hit the cocktails – which are mighty delectable and very interesting, they livened up.

I would defintiely recommend the candy floss cocktail.  Yes you read right, candy floss in a cocktail.  It’s oh so minty and delightful to watch them pour alcohol over the candy floss in a glass right in front of you.  Due to my poor behaviour the night before I was limiting myself but I could have had about 5 of those suckers if the Photog wasn’t keeping such a close eye on me.

The food is also really good, the table had tapas – strange in an Asian context but it’s actually really great cause you get to taste all the yummy bits and share. I was extra hungry and ordered the red curry, which was too good and too hot.  I love hot food but damn my poor taste buds melted right off my tongue. Service was a bit erratic, the food arrived before some people’s drinks orders and the poor Photog waited 15 minutes for an Appletizer.

It was right about that time that someone hit the gong over the bar.  Being clueless and uncool we asked our waiter what that meant.  The club is open he said. Ooh I said. Briefly we toyed with the notion of carrying our party on upstairs but old age and my still fragile self decided against it.

Overall a good night, the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time and a might impressive Buddha.



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