Is Good Is Nice

I have never been much of a breakfast person. I blame it on my traumatic experience at my staunch Afrikaans nursery school where they would force us to eat copious amounts of porridge or oats – both of which I hate. I still shudder when someone says the word “maltabella”.

But one of the many reasons I love the Photog is his ability to introduce me to new things like blue cheese, good coffee or breakfast and make me try it and realise that I could actually like it.

So now I am a breakfast convert. And like all converts I am passionate about finding the best breakfast. But there’s a catch.

I don’t like to get up early.

I know I know – most breakfast places stop serving at 11.  Sounds late right?  But my weekend mornings are precious to me.  I love lying in knowing I have nowhere I have to be, reading a good book and letting the weekend feeling sink in.  Plus by the time I manage to get the Photog out of bed half the morning is gone. And my absolute pet peeve is arriving at a place 10 minutes after 11 to be told that they are no longer serving breakfast.

What happened?  Did you have a special breakfast chef that has now gone home to do his tai chi?  How is it that you can make a toasted egg, bacon and tomato sandwich, but refuse to separate it to form a simple breakfast?

But I digress.  That is why I have made it my mission to find a breakfast spot that can cater to people who do not jump out of bed to make the breakfast cut off time.

And Nice in Parkhurst is one of those such places.  Not only does it serve scrumptious all day breakfasts, but the service is amazing.  We arrived to find a queue which is never a happy sight when your tummy is rumbling.  But boy are they jacked.  The manager was very organised telling us which table would be ours, how long the wait would be and taking our order for drinks to ensure that as our table became available we could have our coffee/tea.

And the food.  Too too good.  The Photog and I both had the basket breakfast.  It’s a delightful basket made of toast with a poached egg, bacon and cheese inside.  I practically inhaled mine and tried to distract the Photog so I could nab some of his. We sat on the pavement enjoying the winter sunshine and passing day and then I went inside to check out the awesome chandelier and discovered mini lemon meringues.

My version of kryptonite. No matter how full I am I will always find room for lemon meringue.

But these ones are something special.  Mini rounds of heaven, with the creamiest meringue topping, not sure how they get it like that, it reminded me of a sweetie pie.

Needless to say I waddled away and vowed to be back. There are many more breakfasts to be had.  And I didn’t even get started on the lunch menu.

Trust me, Nice is better than nice, it’s quite possibly the best.


2 thoughts on “Is Good Is Nice

  1. 2summers says:

    I recently went to Nice for lunch and I had the most delicious bowl of tomato soup. Need to get back for breakfast.

    I’ve also heard the breakfast at Salvation Cafe (44 Stanley) is amazing. But I can never get there early enough to try it. For some reason they serve breakfast until noon on weekdays but only until 11:30 on week-ENDS. WTF?

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