In Russia Vodka drink you

As I’ve mentioned before the Photog and I always try to outdo one another with our discoveries of new places to try.

And I have to admit it, this time he bested me.


He managed to find a Russian Restaurant! Just down the road in Sandton, a real, authentic Russian restaurant, complete with nesting dolls, quaint paintings of Moscow and a welcome shot of Vodka.

It’s called the Russian House (address & directions on dining out) and is an awesome choice if you’re in the mood for delicious, hearty food, good service and some pepper Vodka.

And who isn’t right?

So the Photog took me there a couple of Friday’s ago, without telling me where we were going (surprises are his thing) and imagine my delight when we pulled up to a place with someone waiting outside with Vodka shots on a tray. Just the right start to the weekend. And it got better.  The Russian House is decorated in just the way I would picture a Muscovite’s dining room, with lots of retro nesting dolls, paintings of Russian cities and snowy scenes and heavy wood furniture (I loves me a stereotype).

I was excited to see what Russian food would be like.  One of the Photog’s dream destinations is Russia and it’s always good to test the cuisine of a country before you spend all your time and money jetting off only to discover you have to get your sustenance at the local Mcd’s.

But that will not be the case when we jet off to St. Petersburg.  The food was really delicious, think of lots of heavy, meaty soups, stews and other such dishes to warm up your belly after a long day of sledding.  Also they make these really great blini/pancake thingies which go great with caviar.

Yes the Russians like caviar – it goes great with the Vodka and I think the fish wear fur coats to survive the cold.

The service is as good as the food.  As you’ll notice I always comment on the service, there’s nothing for me that can ruin a great experience like shoddy service.  The Russian House is not one of those places, it’s a family run establishment with a very attentive owner, who got me to try their own pepper Vodka, although to be honest he didn’t exactly have to convince me.

Go on and give it a try.  You’ll like it I swear.



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