This Post Is On Cape Town Time

I have been slack in my blogging.

No excuses, except that perhaps as this post is about Cape Town it’s on Cape Town time?

Let’s get to it then.  Cape Town is my absolute favourite, most awesome, the streets are sprinkled with fairy dust place in SA.  I am determined to move there.  The Photog is luckily on the same page as me, otherwise we might have a bit of a problem on our hands.

So in the interests of our mutual CT love he surprised me with a weekend there a while ago for our anniversary.  Possibly the best present he could’ve given me.  I got him a Diana F+ camera, which was also quite cool.  The pictures still have to be developed but once they are I will post the pretty ones.

We got there quite late on the Friday, okay very late, the flight was delayed, which some kind bohemian lady at the airport informed me it always is as she gazed lustfully at my croissant and coffee.

We were staying with the Photog’s fam dam so we had to wake the poor souls up in the early hours of the morning and on Saturday I truly contemplated sleeping in but then I looked out the window at the mountain and somehow found my energy.

We went off to the city centre and had a delicious brekkie, then wandered around looking at possible areas we could live in.  I fell in love with Bo-Kaap – those little bright houses, the cobbled streets, the adorable coffee shops tucked away in side streets. The Photog then informed me the it was wine route time.  You’ll hear no argument from me on that one.

But I thought it was a good idea to line the stomach so we had a quick lunch in Sea Point at Wakame.

And a starter cocktail.

Just to get the liver going of course. By the by was quite a nice spot for some good sushi and cocktails whilst looking out over the sea.  Us Joburgers can stare at the sea for hours.

Next we went off in our little Avis hired car and I fell even more in love with Cape Town, if that was at all possible. I’d never been to Franschhoek so we tried that wine route this time.  On a side note it blows my mind that there is more than one wine route and so many amamzing wine estates.  When the Photog and I move to Cape Town it is going to be one of my mandatory outings. We stopped off at the Graham Beck wine estate first.  Super stylish and very pretty, I realized I had come home.

The feeling was further entrenched when we started tasting some very delicious wines, we had the champagne and wine tasting which you have to pay for but it really wasn’t expensive and we got to taste 10 awesome wines.  Luckily there was a nummy cheese board which I swiftly ordered – I don’t think they would’ve appreciated my drunken party trick of fountain back stroke.

It was onwards to the next farm – La Motte.  Which is even more splendiferous and quite a swanky tasting experience.  I came to the conclusion that this would have to be our last wine farm for the day on my second wine – moderation is the key and plus we’re going to be back.

By this time the cheese board had long ago been drowned by wine so we headed off to Franschhoek. Why oh why must you break heart CT? So much beauty in one part of the country should be illegal, immoral and other things that begin with i…

The Photog got a corker of a photo of the sunset and we then tried to get some much needed nourishment.  I desperately wanted to try Reubens.  I’ve heard such great things about it but alas like all great restaurants they were fully booked.  Just another reason to go back.   We found a cozy little place on the main street that for the life of me I cannot remember the name but the food was good.

By this point I was falling asleep in my food, I’ve never been able to handle drinking during the day.  But I’d forgotten I said I wanted to go to The Granddaddy Hotel and have a drink at their bar.  The Photog did not forget and instead of letting me drag my weary body off to bed we went for a nightcap.  So glad he did.  What an amazing, creative and just plain saucy place.

Loved loved the pink pigeon cocktail I had and we snuck up onto the roof to get a glimpse of the trailer suites on top.  Each trailer is decorated to a specific theme and some look just too rad.  I’ve dropped enough hints that I want to stay there next time, I’m pretty sure the Photog got it.

By Sunday I was exhausted – but if there was more Cape Town awesomeness to cram in we would.  We did a drive around the whole peninsula, from city centre to Chapmans Peak, to Hout Bay and all the way around.  What a drive.  My heart was breaking that we were going back that evening. We rounded off our weekend with food bits and drinks in Clifton doll. We corrupted the Photog’s young cousin by giving him his first Long Island Ice Tea – I think he enjoyed it.  And we watched an epic sunset.


What a weekend – one of my best ever. Thank you Cape Town, and yes I will be back, hopefully with the contents of my flat and my two cats.



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