Clarens and Cherry Beer

I love Clarens, so does the Photog and the Photog’s fam. So when the Photog needed, well to take a photo for an ad idea (which ended up winning Ad of the Month uh hem) in the Clarens area I got ready for some relaxing, reading and late brekkies.


And instead it basically revolved around beer.  Trust me to turn a weekend with a serious purpose into a weekend long drinking competition between me and the Photog (it was declared a tie).

I’ve always enjoyed the Clarens Brewery, their craft beer tickles my heart in all the right places. But we tried the German restaurant Roter Hahn Stuben on the first night and didn’t look back.

I love German food – who can’t love copious amounts of meat, sausages (yes sausage) and beer.  Our night was made when we discovered their wide range of European beers.After trying a couple our clever waitress obviously recognised serious drinkers when she saw them and told us about their ‘drink around the world challenge’, which would give us a giant beer glass for our trouble. Challenge accepted. And we could take the weekend to complete it.

Possibly the best discovery for me was Cherry Beer.  Yes beer made out of Cherries.  Nuff said.

So that’s what we spent our whole weekend doing (after the photography expedition), drinking beer and watching sport.  I think it felt more like a boy’s weekend for the Photog – not that he complained.

And now I’ve discovered an actual event dedicated to craft beer in Clarens! The Clarens Beer Festival is being held this year on the 25th of Feb. I will be there, so say hi if you see a ginger girl carrying a full glass of beer being trailed by her resident Photog.




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