Charlotte Where Are You?

December, the time when millions of people flock to the coast to work on their Vaalie tan. When we decided to do the fam dam thing in Durbs for December, I wanted to take a leisurely stroll down to the coast.  There is nothing more I hate then driving down on that road with BMW 325i’s screaming up your bum and waiting in long queue’s at petrol stations to pee. The Photog agrees with me on this so it didn’t take a lot to convince him for us to do a stopover in the Midlands.

I’ve never done the Midlands Meander.  I’m always so busy screaming down the highway trying to spot the speeding cameras. And I’m so glad we decided to meander. You know it’s gorgeous in the Midlands – why did no one tell me?  Green rolling hills, winding roads, great big trees, a brewery! Nottingham Road Brewery to be exact.

Of course we needed to stay near the beer, so I found the Nottingham Road Hotel. Which is haunted.

Yes, haunted. It’s been on international ghost shows and everything.

The resident ghost is called Charlotte.  An unlucky lady of the night who killed herself over heartbreak.  Apparently there have been sightings, and there is even a specidfic room which is known as hers.


So naturally I booked us into that one.

The receptionist made sure I knew which room I was booking when I phoned, which kind of gave me a thrill of danger.  Only afterwards did I think it might not have been such a good idea, what with my high levels of jumpiness and nerves. But I was prepared to meet Charlotte, to have her fold my clothes (what a neat ghost), turn our taps on and off and generally give me the willies.

Which did not happen.

After a great day of meandering, and tasting some delicious Nottie Beers we went up to our room, walking along creaking floorboards tense with excitement (I think).

And all I got was a restless night’s sleep.  I kept peeping out one eye hoping to see my messy clothes gently floating through the air as she did her stuff or at least feel some cold breeze. The Photog was not disappointed Charlotte was a no show. But I kind of am.  Even the housekeepers were impressed with us staying in her room when we left in the morning.  I don’t know what we did wrong, or maybe she was out of town on holiday.  Ghosts have to get away from it too I suppose.

Go visit Notties Hotel, maybe you’ll have better luck than us. And have a Nottingham Road Brewery Beer – for some dutch courage.




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