My Birthday In A Brewery

You know those annoying people who consider themselves one half of a couple? They wax lyrically about how their ‘other half’ get them, like no one else has before. How they’re perfect for each other, blah di blah puke.

I’m going to risk sounding just like them when I tell you the Photog ‘gets me’. And this was proven when he took me away for my birthday to a surprise destination for the weekend.

We stayed in a brewery. The highest brewery in the Southern hemisphere (some monastery in Tibet is officially the highest) with a charming bed and breakfast attached to it to be exact.

This is real love folks.

Hop’s Hollow is situated on Long Tom’s pass, between Sabie and Lydenburg in Mpumalanga. The microbrewery is a family run business and has 4 beers which are all delicious.  Their beers are made with no additives and contain live yeast. I have tasted a lot of craft beer since my growing obsession with it but this beer is something else.  Unfortunately it has a rather short shelf life so you can only find the beers in Hops Hollow and Sabie.  So make the trip – the Belgian White beer will blow your mind.

Aside from the great thing of actually having a brewery three feet from your room, the accommodation is lovely, very comfy beds, underfloor heating (which is a must so high in the mountains) and a giant bathtub in which I wallowed while the Photog fed me beer and the mist rolled in.


We did our usual explorer stuff too, like visiting God’s Window.

And I got treated to an absolutely delicious birthday dinner at Oliver’s in White River. It’s like a Swiss chateau planted in the middle of a forest, with an excellent chef and cool resident cats.

All in all not such a bad way to turn 26.


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