It’s Kiff In Kaapsehoop


Why hello there, this cool (wild) horse apologises for my lack of posting but he’s here to make sure I rectify that.

Wild horse you ask?

Yes and the only place in South Africa where you can find wild horsies is Kaapsehoop/Kaapschehoop. It’s described as a fairytale mining town, which it is, but it’s also an animal sanctuary.

Picture a really cute, quainter Clarens that doesn’t feel as touristy and is packed with cats, dogs and wild horses and you’ve got it down.  The town is only 35km from Nelspruit, which was lucky for me because I didn’t bring any walking shoes and when I heard about the beautiful hiking trail and view from the escarpment I made (begged) the Photog to take me into to town to get myself kitted up.


Pretty ne? It’s like God’s Window, but without the bus loads of annoying people.

The wild horses are the main attraction of Kaapsehoop.  The herd has over 200 horses that are split into various little groups and families.  No one knows exactly where the horses come from but the townspeople are very protective of them and rightly so; they are beautiful.


The town itself has quite a few attractions, like a pancake house which we ate at every morning and a very bohemian restaurant slash cocktail bar. There’s a gold mining store, some original mining houses and bars. We ate a lot of good food, stroked some awesome horses and let the stresses of joburg melt away. The place we stayed in was unique too.  The Royal Coach Inn offers accommodation in an actual old train coach.  I’ve always wanted to ride in a train and until the Photog makes pots of money to take me on the blue train this was the closest I’ve gotten. I felt like I was in an Agatha Christie novel.

If you’ve got a weekend to spare I really think you could do with a visit to this undiscovered gem.




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