Wine, Wind And Beach

Here I come!

Yes Cape Town the travelling bunny is making the move from Joburg to the Mother City.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

I love love love Cape Town.  The beauty, the wine farms, the mountain, the restaurants. I have a really good feeling about the move and am preparing myself for experiences that are going to blow my mind and bump up my blog content.

My colleagues in Joburg are mightily jealous.  Us Joburgers love our city, but show us some beach sand and a wave and we are yours. But it hasn’t stopped them from berating me and telling me I’m going to start wearing hemp and stop shaving.

This is future me, but I will of course be holding a glass of wine, the wind will be ripping my hairstyle to pieces and my eyes will be red from smoking a lot of doob. Oh and apparently I will be fat because I will be eating a lot of cheese.


All in all I look forward to it.



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