Moving On Up

I am here.

In Cape Town.

Nothing got broken, lost or stolen and both my furbabies are still with us. I do not have a laptop as yet so blogging has kind of taken a small corner in the backseat of all I still have to get done.

Let me just tell you something – moving cities is not for the faint-hearted.

Some helpful tips for other adventurers out there:

  • try not to let your significant other go on shoot the week you are moving and packing
  • don’t think you can drive from Joburg to Cape town in less than 18 hours
  • don’t think that your two cats will be fine in the car for all that time
  • don’t think stopping off at numerous garages to sneak them into the paraplegic toilets will help
  • do consume lots of coffee, energy drinks and whatever you need to get you through it
  • keep the goal of your new destination in mind – it’ll help you push through the inevitable driving cramps


you could just fly yourself and your pets down, send your car on the train and get there far less frazzled.

But whatevs, I like doing things the hard way.

The moving company we used was great.  When we were looking into movers at first I got some scary quotes and envisioned us selling our belongings and living like gypsies in Cape Town. But then I checked Gumtree and got more palatable ones. Shop around, and tell companies if someone is offering you a better deal.  They’ll often try to better the quote.

And don’t underestimate how much stuff you have. I thought we didn’t have a lot, until I realised we filled up like 6 black bags of rubbish and I hadn’t bought enough boxes.

But also learn to breathe. And drink. I consumed numerous gin and tonics during the packing and sorting phase.  It will get done, you will move everything and you will get to where you’re going.

I did.

And now that I’m here I am so happy I made the move. I am in love with our little french style duplex. I am in love with the fireplace and red wine from all the wine farms we’ve been visiting (a blog post awaiting).

And I think our furry tenants approve of the garden.



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