Thai Souperstar

My love for Thai food began in Bangkok. Amidst the smelly alleyways and men trying to entice me into ping pong shows I discovered many amazing curries, soups and noodle dishes.  Carts cooking up fresh, delicious meals in a few seconds, or a thirst quenching fruit shake to combat the humidity.

Of course after over a month of this I was craving bread, meat and all forms of carbs badly and vowed never to eat Thai food again.

Forward a few years and like a clingy lover who you realize you actually miss when they’re gone, it is one of my favourite meals to eat.

So imagine my joy on discovering Erawan, a Thai food restaurant within a few roads of my house in Wynberg. Yes the Southern suburbs have restaurants, and some of them are actually good.

I booked the Photog and I a table post-haste and visited the restaurant on Friday. Erawan is decorated in a tasteful mix of Thai and eastern influences and more importantly on such a chilly night it has a nice roaring fireplace. The staff are all Thai, which gives a sense of authenticity, and very helpful and efficient.

I started with my go to dish – Tom Yum Soup.  It’s the barometer I judge Thai restaurants on.  It must be very hot, so hot I can barely breathe, but without tons of chopped chili taking up half my bowl. Erawan scores high on the barometer, it was perfect.

The menu has lots of choice and it all sounded like it belonged in my belly. Alas we had to choose so we had crispy duck in pancakes. Oh so good and the sauce (insert lip smacking).

We even managed dessert in the form of moreish chocolate spring rolls, which weren’t oily or filled with barely palatable chocolate like a lot of other places. They impressed the skeptical Photog – no mean feat.

Now I know it’s probably too soon to go back again this week, but I am a creature of habit and when I find something I like this much I latch on pretty good.


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