I Fondue

I am in love with Cape Town. I would marry this city if I could (sorry Photog). Even a lunch on a rainy Tuesday is something wonderful and different. I mean where else could you eat fondue in a laundry?

I ♥ My Laundry promotes itself as South Africa’s first destination laundry. I definitely think they’re onto something here. You can get your laundry done, grab a delicious brew, peruse some local artists’ creations and even eat great food like Dim Sum or a scrumptious Beef Consomme Fondue, which is a lunchtime special that I tucked into yesterday.

I am a fondue fan. The novelty of cooking my little bits of food myself and combining interesting flavours appeals to me. But my friends, inconsiderate humans that they are, have only ever had one fondue night and it’s just too much effort and especially sad to make a fondue for one. So when I saw the tweet about fondue from @ilovemylaundry I hustled myself out into the rain and made the Photog meet me there.

The first thing I noticed about the Laundry was the friendly welcome I got from Clayton and Mico. They made me feel at home, like I’d just popped into a friend’s place for a cup of tea and to borrow her tumble dryer cause mine is on the blink. The Photog and I got a perfectly brewed cappuccino while we waited for our fondue. And when it arrived my heart did little skips of joy.

The fondue was a beef consomme which is great because it’s not overly rich like a cheese one or oil one and I’d never had it before so a definite plus for novelty factor. There were three types of meat, fillet, rump (rubbed with a special spice mix) and kameeldoring boerewors, and a mix of veggies and rye bread (drizzled with 11 month matured olive oil). And they all made it into my face in record time. The battle of the forks for fair cooking space and confusion of who put what in first just added to fondue fun. I’m lucky the Photog is such a well mannered fonduer – one person in the relationship has to be.

See all gone. Except for the poor green pepper; no reflection on it as a vegetable, the Photog and I just really don’t like the taste. But everything else was absolutely delicious, tasty and divine. A nice glass of red wine would’ve finished the meal off perfectly, and it was offered but work called. However I did get a sweet treat in the form of fudge, three flavours, and just to be fair I had to taste them all, champagne, lemon and pistachio. Quite possibly the best fudge I have ever tasted. It was difficult to keep two pieces for the Photog believe me.

So even though my washing machine and tumble dryer work perfectly, I will be back to the destination laundry.


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