Clink Clink On The Rooftops

There’s something inherently cool about a rooftop bar. The combination of city lights, chic decor and fancy booze makes you feel as if you’ve stepped onto the set of a New York movie.

And Tjing Tjing is just such a rooftop bar. And it’s a rooftop bar that has free wine tastings every Wednesday. Yes free wine with your view. Every week a different winemaker pays a visit to the bar and you don’t even have to book. Just show up between 5 and 7pm and taste some great wines.

We got to taste three wines from Neil Ellis and I am glad to say I have found yet another range of wines to add to my list of delicious, well-priced favourites. Moving to the home of South African wine has shown me that this country is full of talented winemakers, the only hindrance is there are not enough hours on the weekend to devote to tasting them all.

Not only is Tjing Tjing on a roof, but the inside is done really well, with a mixture of Asian pieces, raw wood and dark leather and vibrant reds. In fact it is so cool, it made the Conde Nast Traveler’s list of the 10 hottest new bars around the world.

Plus there are hints of bunnies.

This blogger approves.  And the food looks like it would meet with my approval too. Didn’t get a chance to try anything as we were headed off to dinner elsewhere but next time I think some tapas and beer battered fish will be making an acquaintance with my face.



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