End Of The Month Furtainment

Since moving to the Mother City I have experienced a drainage of funds quite unlike anything my poor bank account has seen. It’s possibly worse than the great spend of ’09.

So in the interest of all broke explorers out there, here are some great (cheap) things I like to do in the stad.

  • Go feed some squirrels in Company Gardens. Super cute, furry and tame – just quite impatient so don’t delay in handing over the goods. It will cost you R5 but if you can’t scrape that together things are worse than I thought and you might be tempted to catch one and take it home for dinner (and not as a guest).

  • Go wine tasting. And you don’t have to go too far – Constantia is great because it’s kinder on the petrol. A lot of wine farms will have a lower tier free tasting, if not most won’t go past R40. In Stellenbosch and Franshoek the bigger wine cellars charge for tastings but try find smaller cellars.  They’re not as commercial and often have more intimate set ups where you can chat to the winemaker.
  • Go to the beach. Not really an option Winter, or it could be if you’re a brave soul or if the Cape Town weather gods deem that day to be a sunny day.
  • Go visit one of the many great markets around the city, Cape Town Magazine has some good lists. Just don’t go hungry as you’ll end up spending a small fortune on cheese (trust me) or try fill up on the free samples. If there’s two of you work in a team so it doesn’t look like you’re that customer just scarfing all the free bits.
  • Go for a walk on the promenade with ice cream in hand (just not when it’s storming, those high waves are deceptive).
  • Go walk in the forest. We now live near an actual forest. Where faeries set up bars and Jack and Jill got eaten by a witch in a ginger beer house, or something like that.
  • There’s an awful lot of physical stuff towards the end of this list; for those who aren’t so inclined go find a cat, put it on your lap and sit somewhere with a view.



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