Dog Gone Delicious

My primary school tuckshop lady made a killer hotdog. To this day I have been unable to recreate that crispy on the outside, soft as fluff on the inside roll, perfectly balanced by that impossibly pink vienna and melted butter.

But life has moved on from the tuckshop special. I now enjoy more than just viennas (trying so hard not to use the word sausage once in this post) and was delighted to discover this purveyor of gourmet hotdogs, which we tried on Friday night (much to the Photog’s delight due to our week’s attempt at the Paleo diet).

On A Roll in Mowbray is done in a American diner style, complete with booths, posters of Elvis and neon lighting. We didn’t stay to eat because I wanted to catch the Olympic opening ceremony at home. I had the Chicago and the Photog had the dog of the day, which was my fav (thank goodness we cut our dogs in half and shared them). Both were really good, the dog of the day had some totes delicious lamb and rocket and mine had pickles and mustard, what’s not to love. The dogs are pretty healthy portion sizes, but you can double up with another sausage and it comes with string fries.

They looked like they had some pretty rad shakes too, Vodka and Cherry! We will definitely be back to sit down for some more Paleo unfriendly food. Plus they have a donation box where you can drop dog food and blankets that they donate to animal shelters. So have a dog and help a dog 🙂


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