I’m A Lucky Girl

The explorer team has turned two. In celebration the Photog treated me to dinner at a surprise venue.

I love surprises, I never got enough of them as a kid. So I was on the edge of my seat the whole day, emailing the Photog and begging for clues. Eventually he asked if I wanted to know but I stayed strong. And it was a great one – I had no clue as we drove into Woodstock where we could be going.  I’d mentioned this restaurant a while ago as somewhere I wanted to try and then it promptly went out my head.

It was The Potluck Club!

It’s a new venture by award winning chef Luke Dale-Roberts and is right next to his restaurant The Test Kitchen at The Old Biscuit Mill (another one I am desperate to try). The menu has a definite Asian influence and is inspired by the tapas style of eating; you’re encouraged to order and share the many delectable sounding dishes.  Which was not a problem for us, I always make the Photog order something different to me so I get maximum menu exposure at restaurants.

The restaurant made me feel like I was in an Asian art gallery cum dining room, with beautiful art decorating the dark walls, a mix of warm wooden and metal furniture and a kitchen open to the diners. The staff were very friendly and helpful and I didn’t have to once do the awkward ‘over here, I need help’ wave.

We started with perfectly crisp and salty parsnip chips – Paleo friendly and totally moreish. Followed swiftly by an updated version of a fish taco and an absolutely delicious Asian tartar.
The attention to detail of the taste, smell and texture of ingredients was incredible, each dish was unique and even though I’d eaten types of those dishes elsewhere, they tasted like nothing I’d ever had before.

Next we tried the duck spring roll. I’ve taken a strong liking to duck. I really liked these. Our final two dishes were the fillet, done with a truffle au lait sauce and the Chinese pork ribs.

Both of our eyes were popping out of heads as we tasted these, the steak was the softest I have ever eaten, like marshmallow meat. And that sauce! The ribs were also doused in a sauce that almost had me licking my plate clean. At this point I was so full of love for the the Photog he could’ve asked me to do anything and I would’ve happily agreed.

Even though dessert looked very tempting I just couldn’t find the room. So we ended our night of perfection off with some good cappuccinos and we rolled our way to the car.


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