In The City I Love

There is not just something about Cape Town. There is Something about this city. Numerous tweets and blogs attest to the absolute passion that its residents have for this incredible city.

I myself have an ongoing love affair with this city. Not the kind which is whispered over illicit phone calls and carries on in seedy motel rooms with a pristine bible on the nightstand, but the kind that you want to shout from the rooftop bar, tell your parents about and change your Facebook status for.

It all started when I was 18 and culminated in some serious commitment when I packed up my life, my boyfriend and my cats and made an 18 hour journey in a car with all three to make Cape Town my permanent home.

Love inspires you to do these things.

What do I love about my city?

To start with it’s beautiful. Jaw-dropping, Instagram inspiring, I’ve got to move here, beautiful. With Table Mountain on one side, the ocean on the other and amazing architecture, wine farms and forests in-between just your drive to work is something.

It’s a vibrant and creatively diverse city, just a walk down a side street to get a coffee will inspire you to write a play, sculpt and start a band and when you get to your coffee spot, you’ll probably find someone there who is doing all three and would love to work with you on your vision.

There’s always something to do. For everyone. No matter your taste. Adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, restaurant connoisseurs, fashionistas and the ordinary Joe Blog who just likes a good burger and beer, Cape Town has what you’re looking for in spades.

I could list a whole lot of things here but for my submission for the ‘3 Things in the City’ I Love contest by Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and, I can only write about 3 thingsย (the title tells me so) to do or see that will make you fall head over heels for Cape Town.

1. Go taste some delicious wine.

Good wine is good for the soul. True story. And in the Cape we produce some of the best wine. And some of that wine is to be found on the Constantia wine route, just 15 minutes drive from the centre of the city. Follow the wine route and you can taste the world renowned Vin De Constance, a favourite of Napaleon, at Klein Constantia,

2. Go eat some amazing food.

One of Cape Town’s nicknames is Tavern of the Seas and it’s pretty appropriate considering the wide array of food experiences you’ll find in the city. High dining, hipster restaurants, food markets, molecular gastronomy, it really just depends on what you are in the mood for or what you want to try.
My truly favourite restaurant of the moment though that I think embodies the food spirit of Cape Town is El Burro, a very awesome Mexican restaurant that just takes creativity and good food to a whole nother level. And there’s an excellent selection of Tequila. Enough said.

3. Go to the beach.

Like everything else it does Cape Town doesn’t just give you one type of beach to lounge on, there are a host of choices that are all as varied as the swimming costumes you find upon them. From Clifton whose beaches are full of the young, gorgeous and tanned, to Noordhoek where horses and surfers roam, to Simon’s Town home to some very cute penguin bathers, and more besides. My favourite of the moment has to be Noordhoek. The looooong walk, the view and the dunes are very soothing.

I could wax lyrical for about another 20 posts but it wouldn’t come close to conveying how spectacular this city is. Get your extra memory card, book a ticket and come see for yourself!


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