From Me To Me

Since I’ve met the Photog I have learned how tasty breakfast foods can be. True love is like that, open your heart and you discover the delicousness of Egg’s Benedict.

Since arriving in Cape Town we have been on the search for the best breakfast.

There are many contenders but one always seems to come up on my Twitter stream – Dear Me. I’d sworn to give it a try and when we had the luxury of rolling out of bed late on Thursday morning I saw mention of some of their delectable sounding menu and got the Photog out of bed and into the car.

And into the arms of a divine breakfast and excellent cappuccino. The brassiere/pantry is clean and fresh inside, with green, white and wood decor and chalkboards galore. Their menu was every bit as good as it sounded in Twitterland with the added bonus of every dish having various wheat-free/starch-free options, which are normally a nightmare and a big ask at some restaurants.

Luckily the Photog got a shot in before we devoured what was a truly yummy start to our public holiday.

Try the Egg’s Benedict – you will want to eat breakfast food all day every day.


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