Burned By The Dragon

When the Photog sent me a mail some moons ago saying he had gotten us tickets to Little Dragon I was very happy. Thanks to him I’ve discovered some great bands and when Friday rolled around I was looking forward to reliving the early days of our relationship; rocking out to live bands and dancing like teenagers.

Not even the rain put a dampener on our spirits as we arrived at the Biscuit Mill happily tipsy from a shared bottle of wine. We got in, made our way around and looked for the bars.

There was only one bar.

No matter I thought, we should get drinks now and then we’d be able to enjoy Felix Laband, another highlight of the night I’d always wanted to see live.

Getting our drinks in a reasonable time was impossible however. The crush was quite intense and we went in from the side, hoping to get better service. It took even longer as the electricity kept tripping as an extension plug was getting wet.

Eventually, success and we made our way to into the crowd to get down to some Laband greatness. He doesn’t interact much with the crowd but he’s one of those DJ’s who loves what he does, you can see he just gets into the music. However the stage was a bit low, I wondered what it would be like when Little Dragon came on.

*insert photo here

Then I got thirsty, so I made my way back to the bar. Same problems as before, just far, far worse. But I used the elbows I was given and got back just in time to scream Little Dragon on to stage. The crush had migrated from the bar to the dance floor, not great, and the too low stage meant I didn’t see much. But I didn’t let that stop me from jumping, waving my hands in the air and shouting out the lyrics with great abandonment.

*insert great photo

Eventually the crush got too much though so we made our way towards the back and I went to the bathroom to touch up my makeup.

Cue first feeling of worry. I unzipped my bag and couldn’t find my makeup purse. Strange, as I dug I didn’t feel my brand new iPhone either. Cue feeling of intense panic. After emptying the entire thing onto the floor I had to admit there was no cellphone and no makeup.

Cue cries of anguish and many tears. And disbelief at how they had managed to move my jacket wrapped over my bag, around my body, unzip it, unzip the inside pouch, get my makeup and iPhone, and zip it all back up, without me feeling a thing.

If these pickpockets devoted their time and skills to a legal profession they would be great successes.

Needless to say the evening was ruined and we went home in a very bad way.

I discovered a few days later the pickpockets had been rife in the crowd, and the Joburg show was no better with security being bribed and allowing too many people in and with the same terrible stage setup.

Overall – disappointing. It’s irritating that when known musicians come here we are all supposed to feel so grateful that we should just accept poor event organisation and having our belongings stolen.

Sigh. Not the start to the weekend I had envisioned.

(Excuse the lack of photos – who knows where they are now or who is looking at them)






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