Dreams Of Sushi

I’m dreaming of sushi.

Not just any sushi though – the greatest sushi on earth, made by Japan’s national treasure Jiro Ono. An 85 year old man who makes what some say is the best sushi in Japan near a Tokyo subway station. There’s a beautiful documentary called Jiro Dreams Of Sushi all about him- a must see.

And it got me dreaming of a trip to Japan. A place that looks totally different to anywhere I’ve ever been. The simple beauty, the mix of East and West and blooming cherry blossoms all look fascinating.

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

I’ve just been doing a spot of researching and have already come up with a long list of things I’m dying to try:

  • Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in the world and catch the early morning fish auctions and have a spot of breakfast sushi
  • Watch Sumo
  • See some of the most beautiful shrines in the world, like the Meiji Shrine
  • Go in cherry blossom season and see the beautiful blooms and festivals
  • Eat sushi – find the best and least touristy spots
  • Stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan
  • Try my hand at some karaoke
  • Go soak in an Onsen, the famous Japanese hot springs
  • Climb Mount Fuji (this is an ambitious one)

If anyone wants to sponsor me I’d be forever grateful – and I’d praise your name to the skies on this blog 🙂


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