Some Good Marketing

Markets used to fill me with images of old ladies selling doilies they’ve made out of their cat’s fur and some terrible art comprising of running zebras and old men.

But now they’re all the rage. And the stalls have gotten a lot better. In fact there are many different types of markets all over the Cape, ones with fresh fruit and veg, ones for hipsters, ones for hippies. I have yet to visit them all but I did get to one this past weekend that I’ve been dying to see – the Palm’s Market.

Twitter’s been busy singing it’s praises and it was easy to see why on Saturday. The market is held in the Palms centre in Woodstock, so no fighting for parking which was a nice bonus to start the day (you know you’re Capetonian when you add parking as a plus).

Inside was even more of a treat with plenty of stalls all stretched out calling to me with their delicious wares and tempting goodies. I’d heard talk of good waffles so we made our way around with one goal in mind. But of course we got sidetracked. By a delightful stall with plenty of bottles of interesting looking wine, bubbly and cheese.

The Tulips Culinary experience was wonderful.  The stall promotes various wines, cheese and preserves that are unusual and from smaller farms and concerns. The wines were all new to our taste buds and even though the Photog has an ulcer and is technically not allowed alcohol, we couldn’t pass up tasting them. There was also something delightful called Guava Cream, which I did not get so it’s one more reason to go back.

Another thing I loved about the Palms was the space.  It gets busy but not so that you feel crushed and claustrophobic as you try to taste some sausage or get something to drink. You can stop and chat to the stall holders without having to shout and be stood on by hungry patrons.

With a glass of bubbly in hand we found the waffles.  They lived up to their promises with dollops of fresh cream and the biggest, juiciest strawberries. A breakfast of champers and waffles is one to be highly recommended.

With fuller tummies we explored the market happily, but it didn’t stop us from tasting more of the mushrooms, chocolate covered cherries, fudge, cheese, charcuterie, Turkish delight. Eventually I had to put a stop to it otherwise I would’ve had to run behind the car home but there were lots of things we didn’t get to try so another few visits are called for.

The market is every second Saturday so you’ve got over a week to prepare yourself for some serious culinary delights and to clear your schedule.


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