A Sausage In The Making

The Germans are not a people known for their sense of humour or dress sense, but there are lots of other things they’re very good at.

Like precision engineering.

And precision sausage making.

And good beer brewing.

Even though Cape Town is awash with German folk the Photog and I have not been able to find a good German restaurant until one night in Hout Bay on the lookout for a meal I did not have to cook we stumbled across Alpenstube. It’s a charming place, and looks exactly how one would imagine a German beer hall to look, complete with beer garden, lots of wood and steins.

The Photog claims he doesn’t get cravings but he was positively gleeful when he looked at the hearty sounding menu complete with Eisbein (his fav) and a lot of sausage. And beer of course.

We tried German brews we’d never heard of, and took a few bottles home for our collection. We tried and loved some delicious sausages, sauerkraut and German potato salad. It’s not exactly a diet friendly cuisine and with our new uber-healthy eating plan we’ll have to save our next visit for cheat day.

But it is worth the calories if you love hearty, delicious food, ice cold beers and really great service.

The beer garden will be delightful in summer, if it ever gets here.





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