Wolf Rules

It’s been quite a year for our little household.

Between packing up our lives and deciding to move across the country, starting a new job, trying to decide what I wanted to do, giving freelancing a try and driving for 18 hours with 2 cats the Photog and I were a touch strung out and frazzled.

We needed a holiday, yes even from Cape Town. Time for just the 2 of us, preferably with minimal human contact. I find living in a city, even one as amazing as this, leaves me feeling a bit touchy after a few months and something inside me craves dusty nature, starry skies and no cellphone reception.

Thanks to a brilliant site Budget Getaways (which I’ll definitely use for future Cape travel) I found exactly what we were looking for, without breaking our fragile bank accounts.

Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge, in the Cederberg mountains, hooked me with a photo of a man in a hammock overlooking the bush. Too good to be true?

This is where I spent a large part of my time. Accompanied by G&T’s and my book.

The lodge is self catering, the rooms are wooden cabins with no electricity and there are communal bathrooms. So it’s not a luxury break, it’s a back to basics break. Oh and it has a wolf. And there is a long list of rules for staying with him.

But he’s super chilled. A real down to earth type.

The nearest town is Clanwilliam, which was voted South Africa’s best small town, and the region boasts large quantities of citrus and rooibos. There’s a cute tea house in the town that has over 100 flavours of rooibos tea and does a very interesting tea tasting that explains the process of making rooibos. Neither of us were huge rooibos fans before but the tasting definitely opened our eyes and we came home with a few boxes of delicious tea for my growing collection.

And thanks to the Photog’s ability to sniff out a wine farm in any vicinity we even came home with bottles of great wine, but that deserves a blog post all to its own.

Cederberg, I love you. And I didn’t even get to hike around and see the San paintings or waterfalls. Next time less gin and I’ll bring my takkies.


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